Evolve Assignments Ltd. (EAL) was established for the purpose of accepting periodic payment obligations. Using EAL facilitates assignments of cases that do not qualify for assignment under IRC Section 130. These periodic payment obligations include, but are not limited to:
  • Non-physical Injuries (emotional distress, discrimination)
  • Employment Disputes (excluding reimbursment of lost wages)
  • Attorney Fees (including stand alone)
  • Breach of Contract, Fraud
  • Pre-August 5, 1997 Workers’ Compensation
  • Divorce (distribution of marital assets)
  • Installment Sales / 1031 Fallbacks
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Oil and Gas Lease Bonuses
  • Real Estate Broker Fees
  • Professional Athlete Endorsements
  • Entertainer Contracts
  • Speaker Engagements
  • Author Contracts
  • Most Any Non-Employment Compensation Payments – typically reported on a 1099.
EAL’s independence uniquely positions it to choose from a vast array of financial products and providers to satisfy its obligations and its clients’ needs. Examples range from customized bond portfolio’s that match traditional structured attorney fees, to more aggressive alternative investments.

EAL is domiciled in Barbados and its transactions are regulated and governed by the Taxation Treaty between the United States and Barbados.

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